BLIA Toronto, Richmond Hill Subchapter    Joining Efforts in Planting Trees for Greener Environment

In response to promoting a greener environment, BLIA Richmond Hill Subchapter gathered members, family and friends in participating in a tree-planting event on Saturday, September 10,2016 organized by the Town of Richmond Hill and the environmental charity, Evergreen.

In the morning, 50 BLIA members wore raincoats and gathered at the Bridgeview Cordone Park at Yonge Street and 16th Avenue. The organizers, Evergreen, prepared tools and 150 different species of trees. They first gave demonstrated how to plant the trees. Afterwards members split up into small little groups and followed instructions to dig holes, remove grass, set the trees, cover with coir weed mat, back-fill the soil in the hole, lightly tramp on the soil, and then cover with mulch.

During the event, drops of rain came down a few times, but nobody stopped and continued to work hard. All the trees were planted in an hour’s time.

The purpose of this tree-planting event is to promote the concept of environmental protection to the members and their family and friends. The ages of the participants range from three to eighty years old, and within the group was a family of three generations. The president, Mandy Kwan, thanked everyone who have also brought in their own reusable water bottles, reducing plastic waste. The task of protecting the environment starts within us!