To promote the aim of “benefiting societies through charitable programs,” Vice President of BLIA Pretoria Chapter and board members accompanied Venerable Hui Xing to Leratong Hospice, 80km outside of the Nan Hua Temple in South Africa, on May 5th 2012. They donated a total of 6 wheel chairs, 2 walkers and 6 pairs of crutches to the Hospice.

Upon arriving, Venerable Hui Xing as well as the board members were welcomed by the doctors and staff of the hospice with a welcome song native to South Africa. Representative of the Hospice Mr.Brian said in his speech “Our hospice was established by the kind efforts of a pastor, today we are happy that Nan Hua Temple has donated to us with the buddhist spirit of universal compassion. We are touched by their donation.”  After a group photo, Venerable Hui Xing told the story of “Five Fingers” explaining how an illness may be physical but illness from the heart is the most difficult to cure. Learning how to put your body and mind at ease is a subject worthy of consideration.