2018 BLIA South Asia Fellowship Meeting

General Guidelines


  1. Objective: To enhance BLIA affairs development of South Asia region chapters for conducting the fellowship and exchange event.
  2. Organizer: BLIA World Headquarters

Co-organizer: BLIA Chennai Chapter

  1. Dates: May 5-6 (Saturday–Sunday), 2018
  2. Place: Chennai Fo Guang Buddhist Center
  3. Participants: BLIA South Asia Chapter (Subchapter) Elder Advisors, Presidents, Executives, and Monastic Advisors
  4. Number of participants: 60
  5. Registration dates: Up to April 16th, 2018
  6. How to register: Chapters are to collect and coordinate registration information for registration online at BLIA World Headquarters website: blia.org
  7. Fees:

    (1) Registration fee: INR500

 (2) Accommodation (incl. transportation): INR1,500 (1 night), INR3,000 (2 nights)

  1. Reminders:

     (1) Participants to wear BLIA uniform with their membership cards

     (2) Bring own water cup

  1. Contacts:

     (1) BLIA World Headquarters Asia Region Secretarial Office ~ Ven. Miao Yu

       8F, 327 Sung Lung Road, Taipei, Taiwan

          Tel: +886 (2)-2762-0112#2534  Fax: +886 (2)-2760-8623

          Email: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它

     (2) BLIA Chennai Chapter

          Plot-89, Third Street, Malleswari Nagar, Madambakkam Post, Chennai -600 126, Tamil Nadu, India.

         Chapter President: Mrs. Geetha Kumari  Tel: +91 94451 10866

         Chapter Secretary: Mr. Ezhilarasu       Tel: +91 98403 77665