Nargis cyclone is approaching its first anniversary. Though the UN and international NGO have rendered their greatest support for reconstruction, many of the 2.4 millions affected are still pending for normal life. Farmers in the affected Ma Kyin Myine Island are yet to cultivate in their padi filed. The Japanese have found that the soil is still contaminated and at least after the raining season, that the soil condition will be possible to till the land. The affected still depend on foods supply by the UN but the amount has now cut down to 45 percent.

The Burmese New Year is approaching (second week of April); 185 families of the Ma Kyin Myine Island facing financial difficulties for the coming New Year were delighted that Buddha’s Light International Association has come at the right time to relief their distress.

Ven. Chuehmen and Ruhong representing BLIA accompanied by Ven. Vasava and Theridan of Sippam Kyaung Monastery, and Ven. Pannatiloka of the Bangaldesh Buddhist Monastery in Yangon set off at six in the morning on March 31st by boat to Bogale, a town in the Ayeyawady Divison. They continued on a smaller boat taking more than three hours to the Ma Kyin Myine Island and distributed monetary assistance to 185 families and the local Buddhist Temple.

In her address, Ven. Chuehmen said BLIA abiding Master Hsing Yun’s promotion of Humanistic Buddhism; with the spirit of the bodhisattva to eliminate the suffering of others regardless of nationalities and races, has come here when local friends informed them.

Ven. Vasava in his speech encouraged the farmers – young and old and advised the beneficiaries to utilize the donated money properly. Monastics from a foreign country have come to help and all knew that monastics got their dana from the ten directions but now that they have in turn come to give to the farmers. He advised the farmers to cherish and be grateful for such relief.