In response to Clean Up Australia Day, BLIAWA and YAD members totalling some 20 members went to Hinds Reserve on 7th March,2015 to take part in this meaningful activity to clean up the environment.

Clean Up Australia was started by Mr Ian Kiernan in 1989 and has been well received to become a national activity every first weekend of March each year where it is being carried out in every state throughout Australia. Mr Kiernan promoted his ideals to the rest of the world and was given support by the United Nations Global Environmental Planning Board, to initiate World Clean Up Day in 1993 and becoming one of the most important global environmental activities.

This year, the BLIAWA specially requested the City of Bayswater to allow us to clean up the reserve close to the temple in the hope of expressing the spirit of BLIA ‘going out of the temple, to be of service to society’. President David Yee led the members in the clean-up work, putting in the effort to take care of the environment, picking up rubbish and sorting them out for recycling.

Supervising Venerable Miao Yung went to the site to express her thanks to the volunteers for their effort and hoped that in the future, BLIA members will organise more of such community activities, to demonstrate their appreciation for this land of Australia, integrate and blend with the local community.