BLIA NPO Collaborates to Bring Warmth Amid Winter Chill: Earthquake Relief Efforts for Ishikawa

On January 1st, 2024, a day typically marked by global New Year celebrations, the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, experienced a powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake at approximately 4:00 p.m.

The aftermath of this unexpected calamity resulted in the collapse of numerous homes, widespread fires, and the onset of tsunamis, leaving a staggering 28,000 people without shelter.

On January 7th at FGS Tokyo, the BLIA Tokyo Chapter and NPO BLIA, following Fo Guang Shan's objectives, packed relief supplies under the leadership of Abbess Venerable Chueh Yong and the BLIA Tokyo President. The supplies, destined for the Himi City Office in Toyama, will be distributed to assist disaster victims by the government.

121 waterproof canvas sheets are the main donations this time. With homes damaged by the earthquake, rainwater leakage is a pressing issue. The waterproof canvas emerges as a crucial supply in the disaster-stricken area.

During the transport and packaging processes, BLIA members displayed unity and efficiency. Some transported supplies, others expertly packaged, and some precisely weighed each load. Their focused commitment transforms blessings into a source of strength. Boxes of supplies flowed from FGS Tokyo, carrying collective hope for relief in the affected region.

On January 9th, the NPO BLIA announced the successful delivery of the initial batch of rescue supplies to Himi City Hall in Toyama Prefecture. Expressing gratitude for the collective efforts and contributions that enabled the humanitarian assistance, and extending heartfelt wishes for the swift recovery of happiness and well-being among the victims.