Toronto Buddha’s Light Scouts Launch Winter Clothing Drive for Diabetes Research Support

Toronto, Jan 21 — In a bid to provide warmth to those in need and support Diabetes Canada, the Toronto Buddha’s Light Scouts have initiated a winter clothing drive. The "Three Acts of Goodness, Four Givings Clothing Dive " running from January 13th to 21st, calls on BLIA Toronto Chapter members and community residents to participate. The clothing drive achieved significant success, coordinated by the Venture Scouts, collecting 8 large boxes of clothing. This collective effort symbolizes the repurposing of quality garments for a noble cause.

Despite facing the coldest week of the winter season, BLIA members demonstrated unwavering commitment by generously donating unused yet well-maintained clothing. Collection boxes, stationed beside the main gate, quickly filled with clothes, hats, shoes, handbags, and suitcases, highlighting the community's compassion and solidarity.

Undeterred by temperatures plummeting to minus 20 degrees Celsius, the Venture Scouts dedicated two consecutive weekends to meticulously organizing the donated clothing. Even amidst exam pressures, the scouts remained steadfast in their commitment to social responsibility, seamlessly coordinating logistics and outreach efforts.

Through their proactive engagement, the Buddha’s Light Scouts demonstrated the Scout spirit of embracing challenges and embodying the Buddha’s Light values of "Three Acts of Goodness, and Four Givings."  Beyond providing tangible support to the community, the winter clothing drive serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of compassion and unity.

Image Descriptions:

a. The Toronto Buddha’s Light Scouts encourage BLIA members and community residents to participate in the "Three Acts of Goodness, Four Givings Clothing Drive" from January 13th to 21st. The clothing drive yielded 8 large boxes of clothing. The Monastic Advisor, Ven. Ruan encouraging the Venture Scouts and leaders.

b. Despite frigid temperatures, the Toronto Buddha’s Light Scouts remained dedicated to organizing the donated clothing. Their unwavering commitment highlights the collective effort to make a meaningful impact within the community.