BLIA visited the United Nations Department of Global Communications. Exchange Planning

March 13, 2024, Ven. Jue Cheng, Vice Secretary General Southeast Asia of BLIA attended the United Nations 68th annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68). Today Ven Jue Cheng also paid a courtesy visit to Ms. Hawa Diallo, Chief of the Civil Society Unit, Outreach Division of Dept. of Global Communications. They exchanged the information of planning and progression of every program.

At the time accompanying Ven. Jue Cheng to the meeting, there were Ven. You Lin, Director of United Nations Office of BLIA, Ven. You Wang, Fo Guang Shan in Ottawa, Canada, Ms. Mabel Lam, Director of United Nations Affairs Committee, World Headquarters and Ms. Jenny Chen , President of BLIA New York Association. Since they are always interconnected, the meeting was just like old friends getting together.

Ven. Jue Cheng invited Ms. Hawa to attend BLIA’s Word Headquarters Council meeting which will be held in Japan in September, 2024.

She hoped that BLIA could enhance the cooperation with the Outreach Division of Department of Global Communications.

Ms. Hawa kindly accepted the invitation. She also invited BLIA to attend the Civil Society Conference, which will be held at Nairobi, Capital City of Kenya in may 2024.

Ms. Hawa has been serving in the United Nations for 38 years. She will retire in April 30 this year. She said that after working in the United Nations for most of her life, she would like to spend more time with her parents and children after she retired. Ven. Jue Cheng encouraged Ms. Hawa with Fo Guang Shan founder Master Hsing Yun’s teaching: retired but not tired, you can still continue to serve the society until you want to retire forever.

BLIA was approved for United Nations NGO Advisory Committee by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in July, 2003. On December, 2003, Department of Global Communications of United Nations Secretariat authorized BLIA the partnership with the NGO for disseminating information.