Celebrating the Buddha’s Birthday at Times Square in New York for the first time in history.

On May 4, Fo Guang Shan New York New York Temple and Buddha’s Light International Association New York Chapter held the "Buddha's Birthday Celebration – Bathing the Buddha" event in Times Square, a core landmark in New York. The opening ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including New York State Senator John Liu, Director of Asian American Affairs at the New York State Executive Chamber, Shawn Ma. The New York State Government issued a letter of commendation to recognize Fo Guang Shan New York Temple for its selfless dedication to the society.

This marks the first time a Buddhist event has been held at this landmark, and bringing this grand event to the thousands of people that visits Times Square each day. The event reached out to hundreds of visitors, welcoming them to join in the celebration by bathing the Buddha. The Three Acts of Goodness – Do Good Deeds, Speak Good Words, Think Good Thoughts, also appeared on the infamous Time Square screens, spreading positive messages for all the people to see.

Venerable Youlin said that Fo Guang Shan New York Temple has been established for 31 years, and it is the first time that we have been able to bring our event to this New York City landmark, making this an incredibly special and meaningful. The disciples of Fo Guang Shan made vows to bring Humanistic Buddhism into the society and can only achieve this through good causes and conditions. We all must continue to promote the Three Acts of Goodness and Four Giving advocated by Venerable Master Hsing Yun in order to make the world a better place.